Built for Women!

There’s no question that there has forever been a stereotype around ‘women in non-traditional trades’ and we, along with a number of other locally based organisations believe it is time for change.

With women making up for less than 10% of applications per trade related role there is now the opportunity for Central Coast based women to participate in a short course to introduce them to the construction industry.

The course also involves a week’s worth of work experience with a local employer which could expose a student to a potential employment opportunity.

Maybe you have a student, friend, daughter or woman in your care who:
– Has shown an interest in fixing and repairing or restoring things
– Has expressed that they are not interested in working in an office or a shop and prefer to be outdoors
– Doesn’t mind work that involves getting their hands dirty
– Is interested in the prospect of self employment

This course has been developed for them!

We are hoping you, as the person viewing this post can share this information with someone of interest or even amongst your network to help start the change!

*This training is subsidised by the NSW Government*

For more information, contact: Construction Trade Qualifications
P: 1300 270 539
E: admin@ctq.edu.au