About Central Coast Group Training

Established in 1981, CCGT are a reputable not-for-profit
organisation that specialises in
employee recruitment, training and management.

We have placed more than 4,000 people into medium to long term employment.

CCGT manage all aspects of the employment process from recruitment & selection, training & experience, right through to qualifications & completion.

  • Making successful hiring decisions

    With the rise of todays ‘gigster’ and mobile economies, businesses are quick to realise the costly effects of making a poor hiring decision. CCGT have established longstanding networks and expertly matched Recruitment Specialists to help you decide what direction to take!

  • Employing the right people

    CCGT understands that employing the right people can make or break the success of a business. We take the time to nurture relationships with businesses and jobseekers alike, to ensure successful professional partnerships and rewarding future careers.

Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Our Group Training status provides the ability for us to employ apprentices and trainees and then place them with host employers. Apprentices might stay with one host or be rotated to a variety of businesses to learn different skills.

Central Coast Group Training is the largest local employer of apprentices and trainees with 160+ employed each year. We manage Apprentice and Trainee payroll, workplace, health and safety, workers compensation requirements and superannuation.

We coordinate and monitor training progress, provide on-site support and mentoring, career planning advice and so much more!

Employment Agency – Full-Time & Part-Time Jobs

Central Coast Group Training is a full-service employment agency recruiting experienced and qualified professionals for part- time or full-time roles.

Our skilled Recruiters look after the advertising, screening and selection, saving you time and improving retention success. Our dynamic Job Alert email system means that we already have a direct source of active jobseekers.