Benefits of Recruiting with CCGT


GTO Recruitment Overview

What’s involved

When employing an apprentice or trainee, there are additional requirements an organisation needs to consider. What course is the most appropriate? How will the training affect my business? What are the minimum requirements for each course? Can my organisation provide the resources needed to ensure they complete successfully?

CCGT specialise in apprentice and trainee employment and have dedicated Recruitment Professionals who can handle all of your employment needs. We understand that studies show, by hiring the wrong person, you can cost your organisation up to 2.5 times the annual salary of the employee.


How does it work?

Understandably, we consult with you to determine exactly what your organisation needs to excel in your field. We will conduct a full Job Analysis and tailor the apprenticeship or traineeship/placement specifically to your business requirements.

CCGT will advertise the position through various mediums, including online, print and our social media portals, to ensure we capture a large pool of quality candidates for consideration. All applications are screened in accordance to your selection criteria. We interview candidates over the phone and in person before placing our shortlisted candidates through vigorous industry specific aptitude testing and thorough reference checks. Additionally, personality profiling and psychometric testing can also be performed upon request.

It is crucial that your new apprentice or trainee/placement “fits” your organisational culture. This is why the final decision is totally up to you. We will provide you with extensive profiles on the best candidates and encourage you to meet with them before you make your final selection where they will then attend a comprehensive CCGT induction prior to starting with you.

It is important to note that our full recruitment and selection process is a completely FREE service when utilising CCGT’s (Group Training) Services.


CCGT Qualified Recruitment Service

CCGT has seen thousands of candidates progress through their qualifications to become highly competent and sought-after employees. Many of our graduates are head-hunted for Executive or Senior Management positions once they have completed their time with CCGT. This has provided us with an excellent platform to market these individuals to businesses seeking qualified employees should they not be employed directly by their host employer.

In addition to our extensive network of qualified past CCGT Graduates, our Recruitment Professionals can also provide recruitment services for positions that are not apprentice or trainee based.

This fee-for-service initiative reflects the same recruitment process as we utilise for our GTO Recruitment. Please contact one of our Recruitment Professionals today for a full consultation.


Business Benefits

FREE full recruitment and selection service tailored to your organisation including:

  • Individual Job Analysis
  • Qualification Needs Assessments
  • Print, Online and Social Media advertising
  • Phone interviews
  • Face to face interviews
  • Aptitude testing, personality profiling and psychometric testing
  • Reference checking
  • Induction

Improved retention rates saving you substantial re-recruitment costs.

Time Efficient – CCGT will update you throughout the process as much or as little as you would like and endeavour to source the perfect candidate for you within a two week timeframe.

CCGT will help you decide what direction to take!

If you are interested, please contact CCGT on 02 4353 2655 or e-mail