What’s NXT? For PARENTS!

Guide your child into a career they will love!

As the Coast’s largest employer of apprentices and trainees with more than 38 years experience, employing over 160 people every year, CCGT is a critical link for youth transitioning from school to work.

With so many career options available, it can be overwhelming for teenagers that are considering leaving school to start their career – AND EVEN HARDER FOR THEIR PARENTS!

Times have changed and with 48% of teens turning FIRST to their parents for career advice, it is crucial to be well informed and educated around ALL career pathways on offer.

CCGT want to make it easier for PARENTS to understand the post-school opportunities available to their teenagers so they can guide them through designing a future they’ll love!

Parent Sessions – Unpacked

As part of this FREE Event, we will:

  • Explain the landscape and help you navigate your way through your child’s post school options
  • Discuss what parents need to know when their child gets their first job
  • Explain the intergenerational differences and industry changes when looking for employment in 2019
  • Highlight the options available to your child and how parents can provide the best support

There’s more! We will also cover other topics, such as:

  • The Role of Social Media and Technology
  • Communicating with your Child
  • Decision Making and Planning

But when?! There will be one held every month at our Tuggerah office up until June 2020!

These sessions will run from 6-8pm and are open to those who have a child currently attending high school.

To REGISTER NOW for one of these FREE sessions (funded by the NSW Government) please contact us at (02)4353 2655 or email us at info@ccgt.com.au

We can’t wait to see you there!