What do Field Officers do?


Once a successful candidate is employed with CCGT we provide them with a Field Officer. A Field Officer will provide mentoring to the apprentice or trainee and Host Employer for the full duration of their employment. The initiative behind this support is to assist the apprentice or trainee in dealing with any issues, (big or small) that may arise during their training period and at the same time help the apprentice or trainee to achieve their training and personal goals.

CCGT Field Officers are accessible, respectful, knowledgeable, skilled and trained in assisting apprentices and trainees. The Field Officer will be in regular contact with the apprentice or trainee to encourage team work, co-operation, initiative and personal & professional development.

All CCGT apprentices and trainees are on a scheduled contact plan and their Field Officer will attend their worksite approximately every 10 weeks.

The Field Officer will schedule and meet with the apprentice or trainee and Host Employer to complete items such as:

  • Performance Assessments,
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Assessments,
  • Providing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Discuss current training modules and relay TAFE/RTO feedback,
  • Answering timesheet and or training related questions.
  • Issue counselling notices,
  • Discuss and follow up on current and previous goals


Performance Assessments

We ensure our apprentices and trainees get the most from their on the job training through face to face performance assessments which are carried out approximately every 10 weeks.

The Host Employer and the apprentice or trainee will complete a written feedback assessment, based around the apprentice or trainees overall on the job performance. Regular assessments can help all parties to highlight & discuss the following:

  • Outstanding work and praise
  • Overall performance
  • Any skill gaps
  • Attitude and communication in the workplace
  • Safety
  • Personal opportunities, goals and overcoming challenges

The assessment feedback and results are discussed at length with all parties. This is an ideal opportunity to celebrate great work and recognise stand out performers. Whilst celebrating success it also enables apprentices and trainees to identify areas for growth.

If during the process an apprentice or trainee is consistently showing performance issues and have not taken the required action to improve in these areas a performance management plan will be put in place.

If the plan is not adhered to, the Field Officer, with consent of the Host Employer, may be required to issue a counselling / warning notice to the apprentice or trainee.


WHS Assessments

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) is a priority for CCGT and as a result the Field Officer will discuss safety at every visit.

As part of this process WHS Assessments are completed with the apprentice or trainee and cover the following areas:

  • Manual Handling Assessment
  • Hazard Risk Assessment
  • Office Environment Checklist
  • General Workplace Safety Questionnaire

These assessments help us to determine the apprentice or trainee’s awareness related to safety and workplace issues. At the visit the Field Officer will review the results of the assessment with the Host Employer and apprentice or trainee, that way if any clarification is required on a process or procedure this can be thoroughly explained ensuring a safe workplace is provided.



We take pride in providing our apprentices and trainees with the basic personal protective equipment necessary for their role.

The Field Officer will always make direct enquiries with the Host Employer and the apprentice or trainee to identify whether or not they need to be issued with any additional PPE during their employment. The Field Officer will then make the necessary arrangements.


Registered Training Organisation (RTO) / TAFE Correspondence and Feedback

CCGT will assist with enrolment of the apprentice or trainee into their nominated qualification.

During the term of the apprenticeship or traineeship, the CCGT Field Officer will be in regular contact with the apprentice or trainee’s teacher/trainer. During this time we discuss the following information about the apprentice or trainee:

  • Attendance
  • Behaviour
  • Attitude
  • Course progress / Completion of competencies
  • Skill level
  • General update /feedback

This information is then discussed with the apprentice or trainee and host employer. This provides an opportunity for the host employer to better understand how things are progressing with the formal training component of the contract.

This process allows us to recognise excellence in training and/or any additional assistance that may be required. If this occurs, the Field Officer will work closely with the RTO and apprentice or trainee to ensure that students are becoming exceptional trades people.