Tips for Cover Letters & Resumes


Did you know employers spend an average of six seconds looking at resumes that cross their desks? This means you have a six-second window to entice them to continue reading about you! It is crucial that you get your resume and cover letter right if you wish to gain your dream career.

Resumes and cover letters with poor spelling, inappropriate information, unattractive layout or formatting can be key factors that lead to unsuccessful job applications.

Resumes should be a summary of your achievements, qualifications and accomplishments. Make them concise so they truly showcase your skills and abilities. A great resume will certainly go a long way to help securing an interview opportunity. They are also used as a reference for the recruiter during an interview to provide them with a snapshot of the candidate sitting before them.

Most people hate writing cover letters, however an effective cover letter is an excellent tool to complement your resume and help you land your dream career. Cover letters are used to briefly outline to an employer how your background meets their selection criteria in a succinct, well presented letter format. They should be specific to the job vacancy/opportunity that you have applied for and should demonstrate to an employer why you are the best person for the job!