Supporting your child to make decisions


When helping your child make decisions, it is important to make the time to sit down and discuss this process openly and honestly. Think about some of the factors that are running through their head when they have to make career choices.

A good way to put yourself in their shoes is to remember back to how you felt when you made your first career decision:

  • What experience(s) did you encounter?
  • What difficulties did you face?
  • Who were your support people?
  • What were the enjoyable factors?
  • Were there any areas where you felt disconnected?
  • When were you presented with times that you had to make career decisions?

Talk to your child face to face about their current skill level, abilities, qualities and personality type.

Make an effort and respond when your child shows interest into different trades, industries and employment opportunities.

Keep an open mind, just because you didn’t go down the ‘trade’ or ‘business’ path doesn’t mean your child will not be suited to that style of employment.

Inspire your child to make their own decisions by providing guidance and steering them in the right direction with encouragement.

Regularly ask your child to voice their opinions about the profession(s) they would like to pursue and or the goals they would like to achieve. Help to keep your child accountable in achieving these goals and pursuing their dreams.