What's Nxt?

29th May, 2019

Need help with the right job for you? We are here to help you design a future you'll love!

What’s NXT was created to assist 15 – 24 year olds design a future they’ll love. Who would have known 20 years ago that you could be working in Social Media? With so many new industries, we help you navigate your way to find something that makes you tick. We aim to provide you with the confidence that you are on the right track with your future and are passionate about it!

The sessions involve sitting down with a member of our Success Squad to gain the skills and knowledge to get you where you want to be. This starts with learning about the different options; in particular, how apprentices and traineeships can help.

You are then provided with a career quiz to gain an insight into your personality type and the careers that are best suited to you.

Once that’s sorted, we look at the best pathways to get there and we equip you with the skills to get THE job! We assist you in creating a Resume and Cover Letter that will stand out to potential employers – teaching you all the Do’s and Don’ts and guiding you with how to put your portfolio together.

After all the paperwork is sorted, we provide you with those invaluable skills needed to get you ready for interviews and YOUR NEW JOB!

At the end of your session, you will be all sorted, feeling confident and ready to tackle the challenge of designing a future you’ll love!

Call our Success Squad today on 4353 2655 or contact us on facebook or Instagram and let’s begin your journey..