30 Apprentices in 30 Days!!

15th January, 2018

30 Apprentices in 30 Days!!

That’s right!  CCGT is aiming to place an “Apprentice a Day for 30 Days” into full time employment on the Central Coast!  Whether you are a Business looking to provide an employment opportunity or a Coastie looking for a Career, CCGT is the link you are looking for.  

An apprenticeship is a classic way to blend employment with skill acquisition – earning while you are learning – the perfect combination! 

From an organisational standpoint, apprentices can enhance your business – providing a youthful energy that can be trained from the ‘ground up’ – shaping them into the next generation of your industry!

CCGT are calling on EVERYONE in our Community to contribute where they can so that we can meet, no EXCEED, our target of 30 Apprentices in 30 Days and play our part in curbing the Coast’s unemployment rates.  

Are you, or do you know, a business who could benefit from an Apprentice?  How about someone who would excel in a new and interesting career path?

So, let’s band together and share in CCGT’s 36 years of success, starting thousands of people onto their lifelong career journeys!