Employees Assistance Program (EAP)


With over 30 years experience assisting apprentices and trainees to complete their training contracts, we understand that life isn’t always smooth sailing.

As a result we understand that sometimes apprentices and trainees may need some additional assistance above what the Field Officer can provide. CCGT has a well established relationship with the R.E.A.D Clinic that dates back 10 years. The clinic is a private psychology practise that has been servicing the Central Coast for over 30 years.

CCGT works closely with the clinic and where required, we encourage our apprentices, trainees and their families to utilise the EAP throughout their employment with us.

The EAP provides:

  • A completely confidential and professional counselling service where CCGT are not notified when any of our employees or their family members attend a session, no written or verbal record is passed on.
  • The first FOUR sessions are free.
  • A wide range of services where the specialist will cover the topics in depth
  • A neutral party to talk to and gain guidance from

If any CCGT apprentices, trainees or their family members wish to attend a session at the clinic, their Field Officer will be able to give them the contact details and let them arrange their own appointment, with 100% confidentiality.

The apprentice, trainee or family member has the right to change services and or counsellors if they wish, as their comfort during this process is priority.To keep confidentiality to a high standard, when CCGT are invoiced from the READ clinic, the invoice/receipt does not disclose the name of the person who attended the session.

For more information, please visit The Read Clinic.