Career Advice Testimonials


“The most valuable part of the career session was the career quiz. I would recommend the service to my friends because they can meet with a CCGT Team member to talk about and work out what’s best for their career” - J. Lougher.

“I found all aspects of the career advice session useful, the career quiz helped me to find out what type of employee I am. I also gained knowledge on what type of roles are available in my chosen industry. The career advisor was knowledgeable, very easy to talk to, extremely nice and knew what I was interested in” - T. Randall.

"When I finished University, I had a lot of trouble looking for work. No one wanted to hire someone into the IT industry with only 5 years of experience working behind a deli at Woolworths under their belt. After I went and visited CCGT, They gave me a bunch of skills and techniques in interviewing and resume and cover letter writing. Since visiting them, I have gotten Full-time work for an IT company in North Sydney and I love it! It was definitely the best decision I’ve made visiting Central Coast Group Training!" - A. Szczerbanik.